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You can first understand the teacher'sTeaching Philosophy,environment and style, before the class, the teacher will arrange an interview with the students to understand the students' status, interests and goals, and only when they are suitable for each other will they formally arrange classes!

​ At present, all teacher slots are full, and students who want to schedule classes can fill in firstAppointment Registration Form, the teacher will notify you for further contact when there is an empty class.


Primary 850/HR   3400/4 hall

Basic Rhythm Reading

Finger Skill Posture Building

After Bayer No.70 degree

General Textbook Lv.3

British Royal Piano Examination Level 1~2

Advanced 1000/HR   4000/4 Hall 

Sonata Degree

Czerny 100 op.599 after No.65

British Royal Piano Examination Level 3~4

Performance 1100/HR 4400/4 lessons  Lesson appointment 1200/HR

sonata above

Bach Inventions

​Royal Piano Examination Level 5

Royal 6~8 1300~1500/HR

British Royal Piano Grade 6 or above

​ music class exam

皇家五級樂理檢定 4400/4堂




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